Mar del Valle | Old Mother

  • 04 Aug

  • Mar del Valle

Illustration for the book “La Fuerza de los Fuertes” (“The Strength of the Strong”) by Jack London, published by Ediciones Traspiés.

You already know some of the things I tend to do with poor Jack.
This time, Jack London wrote: the women went into the mountains after roots and berries. The men went with them to guard them.

And I thought: women don’t go into the mountains only after roots and berries. I thought: in the old times, the struggle for survival forced the tribe to encourage its members to do whatever they did best. I thought: women are not gatherers only. I thought: in a hostile environment, women are not mild animals.
Those women who know about flesh and bone and blood, who feel like theirs the flesh and bone and blood of the other women, they know how to guard each other and themselves; and they are not carved for nor by men.

And that’s how the Old Mother was born. I’m sorry, Jack.

Sweet gathering, dears.