New garments shop!

Ok, it’s ready at last: I’m launching my new garments shop!

Oh, I’m so excited! There you will find a selection of my illustrations available over diverse garments. The percentage I get from the sales on this site is infinitely fairer that the percentage that Society6 gave me, so I will focus my activity on this new shop and in fact I will create exclusive designs to launch in there (I’m dying to do it!). Besides, as a special favour to emerging artists, the site will double the earnings I get from products sold before June 20th; so if you find something you like and purchase it before that date you will be supporting my work doubly.

To begin with, I’m launching my shop with two new illustrations I’ve been working on during these past weeks: “Not your Business” (applicable to so many things) and “Never Hide” (Or Three Tinkling Witches). I hope you like them as much as I do! And as this is something you have asked me many times in the past, I have made available for the first time on garments my cover illustration for “La Próxima Tormenta”.

As always, thank you so much for your passion and support. You are the prettiest beasts.