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About me

I’m a Spanish illustrator, actress and alternative model, and I feel fascination for all kinds of art since I was a tiny animal. I also love to dance wildly, read subversive comics, autumn, abysses, rain and bonfires; and I love to sing and listen to intimate, whispering and a bit terrible songs.

I strongly believe that art is a form of magic, an emblem, a lullaby or a weapon that must shout, roar, laugh or caress in our name, and speak about all those voices and things that must be heard and seen. I love to illustrate strange stories, and getting hopelessly lost amongst dark, mythological, esoteric, symbolic, ancient and contemporary stuff. Or you could say that I love to draw badass ladies and utterly queer characters from a feminist and intersectional perspective, usually with a dark, occult and/or mythological touch.

I have illustrated several young adult books, as well as an edition of Jack London’s “La Fuerza de los Fuertes” (“The strength of the Strong”). In 2016 I illustrated “Rojo y Oro”, a young adult fantasy novel inspired by the Greco-Roman culture, written by Iria G. Parente and Selene M. Pascual and published by Alfaguara (Penguin Random House). At this moment, my work focuses mainly on commissions within my own style and, when I have time, I also create personal work that I sell on my shops, being as original art or printed on lots of different products. I have a Redbubble Shop and an Etsy store, and also manage a bastard and insurgent brand of T-shirts designed by myself called The Slut Army.

As an actress, I understand performing as an immolation and theatre as a liturgy. I was lucky enough to find some other souls that cherished the same crazy ideas, and together we founded the theatre company and multidisciplinary collective STRIGA, where I perform, sing my terrible songs, design and take charge of our website and other image-related matters.

As an alternative model, the last project I have taken part in has been “La habitación de las ahogadas”, inspired by the poetry book written by Alana Portero and published by Harpo.

Besides this website, I have a blog where I post drawings, sketches, work in progress, photos, projects, news and other personal, cozy and (sometimes) informal material. Likewise, I feel specially comfortable and passionate on Twitter and Instagram. And if you want to support my work but you don’t feel like commissioning nor purchasing stuff, you can always buy me a symbolic coffee on Ko-fi that I will thank you from the bottom of my heart.



I’m available for commissions as well as potential employment opportunities. If you want to ask me about possible commissions, collaborations, projects or other inquiries, you can send a message to and I will write back as soon as I can.